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Planned Parenthood: Abortions and Revenue Up, Pre-natal Care Down, Still Funded By Taxpayers

Although Planned Parenthood closed 272 of their clinics over the last seven years, including 27 of them in 2017, the number of abortions they performed has gone up. Unfortunately, many of the clinics that have closed in recent years are ones that do not perform abortions. This is mainly because these types of clinics are not nearly as profitable as the ones where abortions are performed. According to past numbers, Planned Parenthood had 3.1 million patients in 2006. Their most recent annual report shows that this number has decreased to 2.4 million patients. Despite losing nearly one million patients over ...Continue reading

Comedian Russell Brand Fights Addiction with Faith

Comedian Russell Brand has earned a public persona for outrageous stand-up skits and a life filled with addiction struggles. After more than a decade of failing to overcome this adversity, his embracement of Christian values through a 12-step recovery program appear to be Brand’s saving grace. The celebrity released a book called “Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions” that details his low points and road to personal salvation. He coupled that work with a comedy special called “RE:BIRTH,” in an effort to creatively reach out to others suffering similar difficulties. Brand’s 12-Step Salvation In a recent interview, Brand opened up about ...Continue reading

Louisiana Just Put God Back in its Schools: How They Did It

After a protracted assault on Christianity under the secular Obama administration, states are standing their ground by re-asserting religious rights. One such state is Louisiana, they have published a guide for its public schools. Under the leadership of Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry and Republican U.S. Rep. Mike Johnson, the Louisiana Students Rights Review has been released. The 15-page guideline, which comes on the heels of a lawsuit against Webster Parish School District for allowing Christianity into schools, details proper protocols for enjoying religious expression by public school students and teachers alike. Despite attacks by recent atheist groups attempting to ...Continue reading

The State of the Christian Community in Iran in 2018

Most of the news concerning Iran centers around the protests taking place. However, there is another important element that is well worth looking at and that is the fact that Christianity is rapidly growing in this predominantly Muslim country. Following is an overview of how the Christian community is faring as well as a call for prayer for the situation in this volatile nation. In 2006 Reza Safa, an Iranian evangelical pastor who converted to Christianity from Islam, predicted that Iran would be the first Islamic nation to convert to Christianity. This may seem like an impossible prediction considering the ...Continue reading

Decisive Proof the Theory of Evolution is Completely Fake

When Nobel Laureate Jack Szostak claimed to have discovered a way to make ribonucleic acid (RNA) replicate itself, the finding was hailed as proof that the theory of evolution must be true. After all, if RNA can replicate itself without outside help, it is possible that the universe and everything in it was formed on its own, without the assistance of a Creator. Unfortunately for evolutionists, the findings were not as conclusive as Jack Szostak and his team has initially claimed and his paper on the subject was officially retracted earlier this month. Jack Szostak is best known for his ...Continue reading