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J.D. Greear: Transforming Southern Baptists

J.D. Greear is the newly elected president of the Southern Baptist Convention, he’s also the youngest president to be elected in modern times and congregants have reason to believe he can transform the declining denomination into a missions-driven juggernaut. At 45 years old, the North Carolina preacher took his second run at the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) leadership position. Back in 2016, he gracefully bowed out of a third voting round between him and Memphis pastor Steve Gaines. This year, he garnered overwhelming support to assume the mantle. Although the presidency is largely considered symbolic, the SBC appears to be ...Continue reading

Theory of Evolution Dealt Major Blow in New Study

Given the fact that most mainstream scientists are ardent believers in the theory of Evolution, it is surprising when they are forced in spite of themselves to confess that their cherished theories regarding the origins of animal and human life are not as accurate as they originally thought. Such a moment occurred recently when Mark Stoeckle from The Rockerfeller University in New York and David Thaler from the University of Basel in Switzerland conducted and published a joint study that came to the startling conclusion that 90% of all animals and humans on the face of the earth came into ...Continue reading

Georgia Official Refuses Bible, Swears Oath of Office on ‘Autobiography of Malcolm X’

To say the ideologies of progressive Democrats are more driven by popular culture and fake news than knowledge might be something of an understatement. The extreme left calls for religious tolerance and economic justice while pushing policies that result in anti-Christian bias and inequality. Either they don’t understand or just haven’t put the time and effort into reading sources of knowledge. In this video, The Western Journal takes a long look at a young progressive Democrat who narrowly won office in Athens, Georgia. When 26-year-old Mariah Parker was elected Commission for District 2 in Athens, she chose not to place ...Continue reading

Pence Furious USAID Refusing to Help Christian Exiles & Refugees

Vice President Mike Pence was reportedly furious when he learned last week that the Muslim-dominated United Nations and USAID are dragging their feet in disbursing US relief to help displaced Christians, Yazidis and other peoples devastated by ISIS in Iraq. The vice president gave his word to Christians in Iraq that help was on the way, during a meeting last October. Here we are all these months later and the agencies responsible are still outright refusing to help. Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) and former Reagan National Security Advisor Robert McFarlane wrote an op-ed last week complaining of massive delays preventing ...Continue reading

Evangelicals Aim to Retake California

Prominent Evangelical leader Franklin Graham has taken a stand to bring California back from the brink of godlessness by calling on Christians to head to the polls and vote so-called progressives out of office. In a recent radio interview announcing his Decision America California Tour he decried the secular and atheist direction the far-left has taken. Graham, the son of internationally acclaimed preacher Billy Graham, says that sanctuary cities are a “little picture of hell.” The popular preacher organized 10 major rallies that included support from well-known Christian entertainers, videos and even a light show. Rallies were held in Pasadena, ...Continue reading