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How to Talk to People You Disagree With

The Internet--and specifically social media--has made many things convenient. It is now easier than ever to stay in touch with people we would otherwise lose contact with, for instance. And sharing pictures or memories is as simple as clicking a button. But what isn't so convenient?--disagreeing with friends. The Internet--and specifically social media--has made it difficult to disagree with people in an agreeable way. This quick video lays out a simple roadmap for how to talk to people you disagree with. Among its many good points? Disagreement isn't a personal attack. In an unprecedented era of strong opinions about everything ...Continue reading

What to Do When You Doubt Your Faith

Have you gone through a personal crisis or have things in life gotten so complicated or difficult that you have begun to doubt the power and awesomeness of God?  Well, here's a news flash: We've all been there! Every Christian will go through doubts at some point in their life. Whether you call it a crisis of faith or a "dark night of the soul," every single one of us will experience a time in our lives when we start to have doubts. Many of the most important historical figures have their story about losing faith included in the Bible. Jeremiah ...Continue reading

Christian Life Grows Increasing Rigid Under Chinese Pres. Xi

China appears to be reverting back to the age of dynasties when emperors held supreme power and Christians suffered unimaginable persecution. The Asian superpower recently announced that it would end presidential term limits, effectively allowing the powerful President Xi Jinping to hold the office indefinitely. The popular president is nearing the final days of a five-year cycle and his policies have made life increasingly tough on Chinese Christians. Under his authoritarian rule, the country’s Christian population has come under difficult scrutiny and suffered under the president’s policies of religious intolerance. Long-term campaigns have been waged to strike down religious symbols ...Continue reading

5 Most Important Christian Locations in the World

People of all walks of life enjoy visiting places with historical significance. Christians are like-minded in this regard and many travel around the world on pilgrimages that allow them to experience the most Holy places and meaningful locations. Although millions flock to Jerusalem each year to reaffirm their faith through baptism in the Jordan River, there are many historical Christian places around the world. As the Gospel of Jesus Christ spread, watershed events transpired that helped bring people to God far and wide. The Bible, for example, included numerous towns, villages and even cities that have been renamed or no ...Continue reading

Disney Cut Jesus From Failed ‘A Wrinkle In Time’ Movie

The days when Disney produced family-friendly movies with Christian themes has drawn to a close. Films such as Snow White, Cinderella, Pinocchio, Sleeping Beauty and even Beauty and the Beast included a Christian foundation. But the household name that brought us Mary Poppins has decided there’s no room at the inn for Christians. In Disney’s recent debacle, “A Wrinkle in Time,” the company’s script writer, Jennifer Lee of Frozen fame, decided to cut Bible references from the film. Disney apparently believes that Jesus Christ has no place in its movies. Despite starring household names such as Oprah, Reese Witherspoon and ...Continue reading