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How Christianity is Different from Every Religion

Christianity has several major differences with every other religion on earth. If someone asked you, "What is different about Christianity?" what would you say to them? One big example is the central defining moment of human history -- when Jesus Christ rose from the dead after three days. No other god or person has ever done that. Another key difference is that the central text of Christianity -- the Holy Bible -- is the only ancient document that accurately describes the true nature of human beings. When you study other religions, you will note that there is always a checklist ...Continue reading

Great Summer Reading: Books Every Christian Should Read This Summer

Christianity appears to be enjoying a cultural renaissance of sorts. Faith-based films such as “I Can Only Imagine” have out-shined many high-budget Hollywood movies, Christian businesses are enjoying success, religious radio continues to expand across the U.S. and God appears cool once again. Thank goodness. It’s only fitting that the positive energy keeps flowing into summer, but in the form of a leisurely book. Naturally, the Bible tops all Christian reading lists. Scripture aside, these are books that may inspire, encourage and engage Christians in positive reflection during the dog days of summer. Faith by Pres. Jimmy Carter The 93-year-old ...Continue reading

Pope Francis Shocks by Telling Man “It’s OK to be Gay”

An act of kindness and tolerance by Pope Francis has reportedly renewed the debate about homosexuality and the Catholic Church. After taking a private meeting with Juan Carlos Cruz, an openly homosexual male who suffered abuse by Catholic priests, the victim related to reporters that the Pope told him, “God made you like this and loves you like this and it doesn’t matter to me. The Pope loves you like this. You have to be happy with who you are. “ Cruz has been widely recognized as a primary whistleblower who shed light on sexual abuse by Catholic priests in ...Continue reading

Nancy Pelosi’s MS-13 Support Proves She’s Never Read the Bible

President Donald Trump reached new heights of rhetorical victory over his opponents last week when he triggered Democrats and the mainstream media into praising and defending the violent Salvadoran gang MS-13. Spouting more gibberish than usual, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) even went so far as to claim that MS-13 are “children of God” and that, just like everyone else on the planet, MS-13’s brutal killers have a “spark of divinity” in them. That’s so sweet! It sounds just like the ending to a Disney movie! It also shows that Ms. Pelosi, who claims to be a Christian, is ...Continue reading

How to Assess What Type of Christian You REALLY Are

Life is filled with things that demand our attention. Assignment deadlines, sales goals, doctor appointments, screaming kids, bills past due... But how much attention do we really give to God's Word? We all know how important it is to feed on God's Word and apply it to everything in our daily lives. And while many of us would like to say that the Kingdom of God is our number one priority, we must step back and give ourselves an honest evaluation. (And no, that devotion you have every morning with your cup of coffee doesn't count.) It is a humbling, ...Continue reading