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The War on Christianity Comes to NYC

Anti-Christian forces in America know no boundaries when attacking churches, religious institutions, people of Faith or their businesses. In this Fox News exclusive, the left-leaning publication known as the New Yorker puts a Faith-based business in its crosshair as the war against Christianity ramps up in New York City. In a clear case of anti-Christian rhetoric the New Yorker proclaims “the popular fast-food chain Chick-fil-A is yet again the subject of horrible personal attacks. The publication calls the recent opening in the Big Apple a “creepy infiltration of New York City.” The fast-food chain has been a favorite target of ...Continue reading

You Matter to God

If you could take just 60 second out of your day to be blessed with Christian encouragement, would you make the time? If the answer is “yes,” then you should take that one minute and invest your attention into this Jon Jorgenson video. Jorgenson, a popular author and spoken word poet, has touched the lives of more than 25 million people through his frequent YouTube posts that are designed to uplift and encourage everyday people around the world. His involvement with outfits such as Awana International, Moody Bible Institute, and Willow Creek Association, as well as hundreds of churches speaks ...Continue reading

Single Mother of Five Overcomes Overwhelming Odds to Graduate from Law School

The odds have never been in Ieshia Champs' favor. She grew up in foster care as her father was deceased and her mother was a drug addict. As a young teenager she became homeless, living with friends or whoever else was willing to take her in. She later dropped out of high school to find work after becoming pregnant with her first child. It would seem that Ieshia would be the least likely person to graduate from any college or university; nevertheless, in May 2018 she will be graduating in the top 15% of her law school class and then ...Continue reading

7 Signs of a Spiritually Immature Person

Although Christian fellowship includes doing your best to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, the faithful come from all walks of life and maturity levels. In this The Beat segment, host Allen G. Parr Jr. poses the question: are you a spiritually immature Christian? Posted to YouTube, The Beat covers a wide range of topics in a Christian context that range from issues about dating and relationship to Bible-based discussions. In this episode, Parr delves into Ephesians 4, that helps guide people on how to behave as a good Christian. What he reveals about Christian maturity will certainly raise a ...Continue reading

Evangelicals Struggle with Faith, Politics and Pres. Trump

Many of us are embroiled in a strained relationship with Pres. Donald J. Trump. The evangelical demographic was a key driver in the 2016 election that put the businessman and former Reality TV star into the White House. Despite widespread reports that then-candidate Trump had no path to victory, Christians turned out the vote and helped to hand him the presidency. Since then, rocky public relations, Twitter outbursts and allegations that President Trump once had an extra-marital affair with a porn star named Stormy Daniels has caused people of faith some consternation. Faith, politics and the president have become a ...Continue reading