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The Biblical Case for Tariffs

You cannot watch the news or read an article on any mainstream publication these days without encountering various doom-and-gloom declarations about the Trump administration’s tariffs. We are assured by virtually every news outlet that disaster awaits America because President Trump has dared to tax foreign goods coming into the country. Forbes calls the tariffs “economic warfare.” Bloomberg declares the tariffs “risky strategy.” The Hill claims tariffs will be “devastating” to the Alaskan seafood market. Reuters says China will win. Many other publications cannot be bothered to write about tariffs, because the subject is complicated and boring. Let’s take a look ...Continue reading

This California Church Now Serves Beer during Services

In a move that has garnered more attention than they likely anticipated, Greater Purpose Community Church in Santa Cruz, California, recently changed their name (formerly Garfield Park Community Church), sold their church building, and moved into a temporary space at the Food Lounge--a community space with plenty of beer taps. The pastor, Christopher VanHall specifically asked the lounge's owner to keep the bar open. Why? In VanHall's words, "There's nothing in the Bible that says you can't drink alcohol in a responsible manner." So now, on a weekly basis, church parishioners gather to pray, worship, and drink beer together. VanHall is ...Continue reading

American Catholics Want Women as Deacons

The struggle for women’s rights continues across that globe and in the United States, Catholics feel strongly that church leadership and gender equality should come together. A recent study revealed that an overwhelming majority of American Catholic orders support a movement to have women serve as ordained deacons. This trending opinion continues to put pressure on the Vatican to place women on equal footing and remove gender bias. According to data released by the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA) at Georgetown University in Washington, upwards of 77 percent of superiors view the ordination of female deacons as ...Continue reading

Liberals Continue Tearing Down America’s Standing Stones

Pop quiz: Which American president outlawed the transatlantic slave trade, calling the practice a crime against humanity? The fact that a majority of Americans cannot correctly answer that question is evidence that our history as a people is being erased – and not for a good purpose. How are we to know who we are as a people if we do not remember our own past? This is a question that is frequently addressed to the Israelites in Scripture. We would do well to examine those verses as America is currently going through a frenzy to eradicate, tear down, deface ...Continue reading

Religious Freedom Prospects in Pakistan Worsen with Recent Election

While Pakistan has never done well with providing religious freedom to those who don’t follow Islam, the recent election of former international cricket star Imran Khan is set to make matters far worse. The new Prime Minister, who has officially declared that his preferred form of government is "the Islamic State as established by the Prophet Mohammad in Medina", has allied himself with radical Muslims who wish to do everything in their power to stamp out Christianity in one of the world's most populous Muslim nations. There are several specific reasons why the Christian community in Pakistan is concerned about ...Continue reading