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Flashy NFL Star Humbly Takes a Knee for God

Two years ago, professional football analysts and fans were highly critical on New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr for his perceived selfishness and off-field distractions. But on opening day of the 2018 NFL regular season, the high-profile player dropped to his knees and thanked Jesus Christ. While other professional athletes have stirred controversy by taking a knee during the national anthem, the flamboyant pass-catcher has renewed his faith in the Lord. Having been routinely criticized for setting a poor example, his act of humility has elevated his stature as a leader. The once brash athlete has not been ...Continue reading

Mueller and the Biblical “Two Witness” Standard

The biblical standard for obtaining a criminal conviction has been a staple of Western Civilization and the rule of law for centuries: “One witness shall not rise against a man concerning any iniquity or any sin that he commits; by the mouths of two or three witnesses the matter shall be established.” (Deuteronomy 19:15) This legal standard prevents anyone from being convicted of a “crime” just because one person says they committed it. The alleged victim must have other witnesses or forms of evidence proving that a crime took place and that the alleged criminal committed the illegal act. If ...Continue reading

Trump under Fire for Christian Refugees’ Immigration Struggle

Religious leaders are pressing Pres. Donald Trump to increase the number of Christian refugees admitted to the United States as widespread persecution grows in the Middle East and other regions. The Trump Administration has been pushing a total immigration policy overhaul since hitting the campaign trail in 2016. Met with resistance, attempts by congressional Republicans to secure the country’s Southern border and stem the tide of illegal immigration has been largely unsuccessful. The administration has also pushed for changes to legal immigration, including an end to chain migration and a more merit-based system. Compounding the immigration quagmire, an overwhelming number ...Continue reading

Parents’ Behavior Linked to Children’s Atheism

It is no secret that parental behavior--and especially the choices and actions of parents in the privacy of the home--have a major impact on the lives of their children. A recent study published by the Religion, Brain and Behavior Journal took this knowledge a step further and explored the connection between parental behavior in religious parents and how that behavior shapes their children's future belief system. Specifically, the study sought to understand why the children of religious parents would eventually become atheist. The study author, Joseph Langston, is a researcher at the Atheist Research Collaborative. He shared that he was interested in ...Continue reading

American Idol Star Regains Christian Faith

Although the mainstream news media leans toward negative reporting, there are a wide range of positive Christian stories that don’t make the headlines they should. It’s important for people of faith to sometimes take the time to recognize that both everyday Americans and celebrities are immersed in the Christian revitalization the country is undergoing. These are just some of the recent uplifting stories. American Idol Winner Embraces God and Motherhood After becoming the youngest contestant ever to win American Idol, Jordin Sparks spent a decade searching for spiritual fulfillment. Her self-titled solo album earned her critical and popular music acclaim ...Continue reading