7 Signs of a Spiritually Immature Person

Although Christian fellowship includes doing your best to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, the faithful come from all walks of life and maturity levels. In this The Beat segment, host Allen G. Parr Jr. poses the question: are you a spiritually immature Christian?

Posted to YouTube, The Beat covers a wide range of topics in a Christian context that range from issues about dating and relationship to Bible-based discussions. In this episode, Parr delves into Ephesians 4, that helps guide people on how to behave as a good Christian. What he reveals about Christian maturity will certainly raise a few eyebrows.

Parr makes a strong biblical case that there are seven recognizable signs that a Christian is failing to mature spiritually. Believe it or not, Paul points to “worldliness” in Ephesians as a telltale signs that someone may be spiritually stunted.

He notes that Christians are clearly not supposed to follow the secular ways of non-believers. As Parr points out, if someone were to follow a Christian and atheist around for a week and couldn’t tell who was who, the Christian is definitely spiritually immature. Christ imparted a set of beliefs and ways of living in the world that are neither based on material good nor attitudes.

Parr goes on to outline another six ways you can recognize spiritual immaturity in yourself and others. Take a few minutes to learn and reflect on these stunning biblically-based revelations.