7 Things the Bible Says We Will Do in Heaven that Might Shock You

The Bible is a profound source of inspiration for millions of people around the world. But some of the things in scripture can be stunningly controversial. In this video posted on YouTube, host Allen Parr brings to light seven things you might not have expected to be doing in Heaven that will leave you wide-eyed.

Parr points out that the Good Book has a lot to say about how horrific things will be for those who suffer in Hell. It is also somewhat quiet about everyday life for the saved. His astute Biblical observations pull out quotes that may give Christians second-thoughts when they arrive at the Pearly Gates.

For example, Parr talks about the Bible’s various references to singing. With a smile on his face and exuberance in his voice, Parr says he believes that worship in Heaven will be like the best Christian concert ever. According to the Bible, there will be lots and lots of singing and you will be participating over and over. If you stink at karaoke, better take some vocal lessons now before you have to stand next to those with angelic voices above. Not that anyone will judge, mind you.

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