Angels to Call On In Times of Need

Understanding the limits of human abilities, many people seek a higher power through prayer in times of need. Some humble themselves before God in general prayers for the well-being of others, peace and love.

But Scripture teaches that certain people have given freely and endured greatly in specific professions. Archangels are also highlighted for their good works and commitment to things that are now human professions. The Catholic Church, in particular, has recognized these mortals and higher beings as Patron Saints and many invoke them in times of desperation and uncertainty.

There are special connections for soldiers, healers, farmers and many other callings that provide a sense of security because it reinforces the fact the Faithful are truly not alone. God and other spiritual entities are all around us and may lend a helping hand.

These are some of the professions and their notable patron saints.

Saint Luke the Evangelist: Patron Saint of Physicians

Physicians undertake the heavy professional task of treating the sick and injured. It is a calling that echoes the miracles performed by Jesus Christ.

The Gospel of Mark talks about Jesus healing a blind man in Bethsaida. The Gospel of John relays His curing a man who was born blind. Biblical accounts point to Jesus’ healing powers with regards to lepers, paralytics and others.

As dedicated as modern day doctors are, they are limited to human resources and often lean on their Faith. Many physicians rely on the power of prayer to help exceed science and his is one of the Patron Saints that favor today’s healers.

The Evangelist was a Greek physician referred to as “Our beloved Luke, the physician,” (Col. 4:14) and his background is laced throughout the Gospel. In the Bible, it is Luke who articulates the story of a woman who spent all her money on physicians that did not heal her hemorrhage. He relates that tale of Jesus’ compassion as He tended to the ailing woman. It is Jesus who makes the well-known proclamation, “Physician, heal thyself” in Luke 4:23. Many consider Luke a pro-life physician who points to the joy of unborn children in the womb.

Luke the Evangelist is by far the most popular Patron Saint of physicians and this is one of the more common prayers to invoke his aid.

“Most charming and saintly Physician, you were animated by the heavenly Spirit of love. In faithfully detailing the humanity of Jesus, you also showed his divinity and his genuine compassion for all human beings. Inspire our physicians with your professionalism and with the divine compassion for their patients. Enable them to cure the ills of both body and spirit that afflict so many in our day. Amen.”

Catherine of Bologna: Patron Saint of the Arts

Although she died in relative obscurity, her creative spirit exceeded her earthy days. She is considered a master of miniature paintings and was frequently blessed with mystical visions during the 15th Century. After her death at 49 years old, miracles were witnessed and her body was exhumed nearly three weeks later, undecayed. This is a common artists prayer to Catherine.

“Dear saintly Poor Clare, Saint Catherine of Bologna, so rich in love for Jesus and Mary, you were endowed with great talents by God and you left us most inspiring writings and paintings for wondrous beauty. You did all for God’s greater glory and in this you are a model for all. Make artists learn lessons from you and use their talents to the full.”

Saint Isidore: Patron Saint of Farmers

Born in 12th Century Spain, Saint Isidore worked as a farm laborer for the majority of his life. He enjoyed visions and was said to be aided by angels in the field. He was devoutly religious and known to rise early in order go to church and spent much of his free time in the service of God. He was canonized in the 17th Century. People that work in the agrarian trades often begin a congregational prayer that opens:

“Let us pray. Grant we beseech You, merciful Lord, through the intercession of Blessed Isidore, farmer and confessor, not to let us be vain with the wisdom of the world, but by his merits and example, let us in all humility always do what is pleasing to You. Through Christ our Lord.”

Many people of Faith find comfort by leaning on the Patron Saint of their particular trade. The power of prayer cannot be understated, and every professional has a unique patron they can call upon in their darkest hour.

~ Christian Patriot Daily