Bible Study Tips for the Easily Distracted

Life is busy, and most of the time we have much on the brain. Which isn’t a problem … except when it comes to Bible study. During the few minutes we can grab to get alone with God, it’s ideal–even expected–that we focus on God and His Word.

The absolute first thing you should do is turn off all electronics—that means the tv, your cell phone, the radio. Or at least turn off the sound. Nothing is more distracting than texts or notifications.

A great way to start your conversation with God is to ask Him for help. Nobody wants you to be more committed to your Bible study than God Himself. Pray and ask Him to help you focus.

Reading the Bible can feel overwhelming if you decide to just sit down and read it. Having a plan–whether it’s a select number of chapters a day or a certain amount of time–can make all the difference in the world. Bottom line: The more manageable your goal, the more likely you will achieve it.

It’s also helpful to have an accountability partner. Ask a friend or family member to check in with you occasionally to see if you are meeting your Bible study goals.

You can ensure you stick to your study plan by establishing a routine. As often as possible, seek to study the Bible at the same time each day. Your mind will automatically know what’s happening and focus accordingly.

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