Can America Please Stop Subsidizing Evil through Foreign Aid?

Charity is a holy duty of the church. Throughout Scripture, we are told to care for widows, orphans and the poor with strict guidelines for what constitutes welfare, how it is to be distributed and the attendant duties of the church members to participate in this endeavor.

Nowhere in Scripture are we told that it is acceptable to hand this holy duty over to the civil government, not for our own citizens and certainly not for other nations through foreign aid. Actually, it is now called “foreign assistance” after the Obama administration changed the name, much like global warming is now “climate change.”

The response of most Americans when you tell them up-to-date information about foreign welfare is, “WHAT?!” Most people are unaware of the tens of billions of taxpayer dollars that are doled out to nations that have no need of it.

Fans of foreign aid will claim, with a straight face, that the money is “doing a lot of good” in the nations that receive it. Sure, it is. What would Russia, China, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Portugal do if they were not receiving American taxpayer money? How would the Canadians survive another winter without us?

As members of a constitutional republic, American Christians are culpable in this highway robbery. Psalm 50:18 states, “When thou sawest a thief, then thou consentedst with him.” This verse is an indictment of the Christian who consents with evil by not speaking out against it.

If you observe a thief in the act of stealing something in the marketplace and do not sound the alarm, call attention to it or try to stop it (within your physical means, of course), then you are culpable in that theft in God’s eyes.

This unique Christian concept is where mandatory reporting laws originated in Western Civilization. Parents, teachers, medical workers and others are required in most states to report suspected child abuse.

Although this concept is now abused by most states’ child protection agencies and has been turned specifically against Christian families, the original concept was biblical. In Texas and other states, it is a misdemeanor to fail to report a crime that results in bodily injury or death.

The church has been very vocal in speaking out against our subsidies for the crime of abortion. Forcing Christians to pay for the murder of infants is perhaps one of the evilest acts ever committed by the American government. We were never asked to grant our consent or disapproval of subsidized murder.

The church spoke out against this crime for many years, and President Trump has finally delivered us from this evil. In May, the president signed into law a federal ban on Title X healthcare funds being granted to abortion clinics. Now that we have succeeded in that arena, we can focus on abolishing abortion entirely, including in the mythical fairytale instances that Democrats and many Republicans are so worried about (rape, incest and the most outlandish fairytale of all, the “life of the mother”).

What will it take to convince Christians to speak out against the outrageous foreign aid program, which steals wealth from America and gives it to foreign dictators to oppress their citizens? Although it is not as evil as forcing Christians to subsidize abortion, it is still a subsidy of evil.

Foreign aid used to be a weapon in America’s foreign policy toolbox. If a nation wanted foreign aid from America, it had better be working to reform its oppressive system of government. Otherwise, sorry, the check is not in the mail.

Billions of Christian taxpayer dollars are propping up tyrannical Islamic regimes in Yemen, Mali, Pakistan, Indonesia and a host of other countries. Even Sudan, where the Islamic regime confiscated the homes of millions of Christians and marched them into the desert without food or water, receives foreign aid from America.

When a man drives up in a Ferrari, sits down on the corner and shakes his begging cup at you, at some point you must decide whether it’s a good idea to give him more of your money. America seems to finally be coming to understand this – or, at least, President Trump understands it.

At the tail end of the George W. Bush administration, American foreign aid was sitting at a staggering $20 billion per year – money in exchange for nothing. Barack Obama more than doubled that amount to an average of $45 billion per year, with special focus on aid to Islamic nations.

After his first year in office, President Trump has trimmed unbiblical foreign welfare back to Bush-era levels. Will President Trump scale foreign aid back even further? That could depend on whether the church continues to consent to the theft through our silence.

~ Christian Patriot Daily