Comedian Ken Jeong Stops Mid-Show to Save Woman Having Seizure

Comedian Ken Jeong, best known for his role in “The Hangover”, was mid-way through a performance when audience members began yelling at him. At first, he thought they were hecklers and was naturally annoyed. Hecklers can ruin comedy shows in an instant, something which any comedian would naturally want to avoid.

However, it soon became clear that the people yelling at him were not out to interrupt his set. Instead, they were attempting to alert him to the fact that a member of the audience was suffering from a seizure. The comedian’s response was quick and furious. As soon as he realized that someone needed medical assistance, he immediately jumped off the stage to help the woman in person.

Ken Jeong’s ability to offer assistance goes beyond what the average person in the room would be able to do. Mr. Jeong was a doctor specializing in internal medicine before becoming a full-time actor and comedian; in fact, he still has a license in the state of California to practice medicine even though he no longer works as a doctor.

Mr. Jeong checked the woman’s vitals and, along with another audience member who is an emergency medical technician, stayed with the woman until an ambulance arrived to take the woman to the hospital. The woman was back on her feet before additional medical care arrived and Mr. Jeong assured the crowd that the woman would be alright before continuing his performance.

While Ken Jeong’s routine was as entertaining as ever, it was his concern for an unknown woman in the audience that drew the most applause from the audience. Indeed, it will probably be the part of his performance that those in the crowd will remember the longest.

As one audience member noted, Mr. Jeong was unable to see what was going on at first because the lighting did not provide him with a clear view of the part of the audience where the woman was sitting. His attempt to get the crowd to stop calling out to him was based on his belief that there was no reason for any disturbance. However, as soon as the lights went off and Ken Jeong realized that something was terribly wrong, he sprang into action without a second thought.

The comedian’s ability to show kindness and concern isn’t just limited to an unknown member of his audience who happened to need medical help at a particular point in time. A few years ago, he and his wife recounted their experience dealing with his wife’s breast cancer and subsequent grueling treatment. While his wife was in the middle of chemotherapy treatment, Mr. Jeong was offered a role in the movie “The Hangover”. Mr. Jeong was unsure at the time if he should take the role given the fact that his wife was receiving medical treatment and he had two young twin daughters.

However, he accepted the role at his wife’s insistence. Throughout the movie, he made it a point to crack jokes that his wife would particularly appreciate, making her laugh during what was an undoubtedly difficult time. Not only that, but he remained strong for her sake even though he was under a great deal of stress, helping her to come through the cancer treatment in time.

It is always heartening to read stories about those who jump in to help people in their hour of need. It is often impossible to tell when an emergency situation will come up and in many instances such instances arise at the least convenient time for those who would be able to offer valuable assistance.

It takes integrity and selflessness to set aside what one would prefer to do or even need to get done in order to help a person who is in need. That is why Ken Jeong’s assistance to a member of his audience is likely to be remembered for a long time.

A lovely as that is, there is another takeaway from this touching story that is well worth remembering. Heroes who immediately drop what they are doing to help someone else in an emergency situation are typically people who have made it a point to spend their lives going out of their way to help those they love and care about. It is usually the people who have made an effort to live in a caring, unselfish manner who have the fortitude to help out whenever the need arises. It is a good point for every single Christian to bear in mind even if he or she is never called on to provide aid in an emergency situation.

~ Christian Patriot Daily