Donald Trump was the Worst Sinner Ever… Except for You

The mainstream secular media is confounded that President Trump’s support has not eroded among Christians in America. They have thrown everything they can at this president and yet the people of God among most mainline denominations continue to give Mr. Trump their full-fledged, unwavering support.

The media simply doesn’t understand the relationship between this president and the people who make up the backbone of America. We can deduce several things from the media’s shock that Christians are still supporting the brash, outspoken real estate mogul from New York.

First, Christians get it when it comes to Donald Trump. We understand that God has raised up this president to lead our nation at this pivotal time in our history. We have watched our faith denigrated, beaten and driven from the public square for so many decades now that President Trump is immediately recognized as a guy who is on our side for once.

We watched our nation sliding into a pit as Bill Clinton threw all morals out the window when it came to the presidency. We scratched our heads for a few years as George W. Bush funded the construction of new Planned Parenthood clinics in rural areas in America (even in remote Alaskan villages!).

We despaired as Barack Obama and his clueless followers among the Democrats violated the First Amendment by trying to establish Islam as the official state religion of America. Now, God has raised up Donald Trump to lead America back out of the moral swamp.

Every Christian knows that Donald Trump struggles in discussing his faith – and we’re okay with that. Those interviews are the rare times when he gets a bit tongue-tied. Yet we shrug and move on. We’ve seen so many politicians run through their memorized descriptions of their faith, only to turn around and legislate against Christianity once they’re in office that we simply won’t fall for it anymore. Donald Trump’s hesitant, fumbling-but-honest answers are a breath of fresh air.

We very much prefer Donald Trump’s uncomfortable discussions of his relationship with God while we have him on our side politically. That is far better than listening to George W. Bush talk about how “Christ” (no first name) is his “guiding philosopher,” only to have Bush turn around and talk about how Islam is a beautiful religion of peace and fund abortion clinics.

Second, because the media has Russia-Stormy blindness when it comes to Donald Trump, mainstream journalists are oblivious to all that this president has done to advance Christian liberty so far. The Johnson Amendment is gone, so pastors are free to talk about politics from the pulpit without fear of IRS persecution. (That’s funny. We haven’t seen Jake Tapper mention that yet!)

Christian organizations now have equal access to federal funds for worthy ministry causes. Trump has brought Kim Jong Un to the peace bargaining table, which could finally mean relief for the persecuted Christians in North Korea.

Instead of toppling secular Muslim countries and installing militant Wahabi Sunni extremist governments, as Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did in Egypt and Libya, US Special Forces are helping Christian communities in the Middle East and Africa. More than 1,000 women and girls enslaved by Boko Haram were just freed and 50 terrorists were killed in a daring raid in Nigeria; American Green Berets were with the Nigerian army to make this happen. Instead of arming Boko Haram as Obama did, President Trump is wielding the sword of justice to relieve our brothers and sisters in Africa.

Put more simply, Obama gave Boko Haram guns and then tweeted at them in fake outrage when they kidnapped Christian schoolgirls. President Trump kills Boko Haram and sets Christian captives free. Stormy who?

Finally, the media is terrified by the support that Christians are showing for President Trump. They know that we are still the dominant political force in America, so long as we come out and support a candidate (which we didn’t do when the media foisted John McCain and Mitt Romney on us.)

They realize, even though they’ll never admit it, that Donald Trump granted more televised, off-the-cuff interviews to the Christian Broadcasting Network over the past year than he did to CNN, ABC or CBS News. Trump is speaking over the media and directly to us through our channels, instead of trying to get his message out through the mainstream media.

Here’s one final thought regarding President Trump and the left’s mission to wrest our support away from him: What a great witnessing opportunity!

The next time some Hillary Clinton supporter tries to lecture you that a Christian should not support Donald Trump because of his flaws, just say this to them and see where the conversation goes:

“Oh, yes, Donald Trump. Scandalous! He used to be a terrible sinner. In fact, he was almost as bad as me.”

~ Christian Patriot Daily