Don’t Waste What God Has Given You

In this Day in the Word segment, host Jon Jorgenson discusses Ecclesiastes 6 in this weekly Bible study installment. In the previous week’s episode, Jorgenson outlined many of the inappropriate ways that people waste the incredible gifts God has bestowed on all of us.

Set in the comfort of Jorgenson’s living room, he demonstrates that preaching from the heart does not require bells, whistles or elaborate props. Speaking from a place of faith and devotion, this YouTube preacher engages everyday people of all ages in the living word found in the Bible.

In a light but scholarly fashion, Jorgenson draws connections from Ecclesiastes to things Jesus said in Matthew that form the basic ideas about what God’s gifts to human beings are and what they should be used for.

It’s no mystery that each and every person is born with innate talents and immeasurable potential. Those rank among God’s many gifts to us and they ought not be wasted. What we choose to do with these precious gifts matters to God. Jorgenson challenges viewers in this 4-minute video to look inside yourself and figure out what your talents are and how to best use them.

Although this Day in the Word episode comes across as friendly, light-hearted and filled with a message of faith and hope, Jorgenson leaves viewers with one challenge: “Die Empty.”

Take a few minutes to enjoy this Bible study on YouTube and find out how to ‘Die Empty.’