Getting to Know January’s Supermoons

Supermoons were in the news a lot in 2016 as religious leaders, astronomers and journalists talked about where they would appear, what they could mean and more. However, these incredible moons don’t just pertain to years gone by. Two supermoons appear in the sky in January 2018 and it is worth getting to know when they show up and what commentators have to say about them.

The first supermoon, which is frequently called the Wolf Moon, appeared in the sky on the night of New Year’s Day and remained in place until the wee hours of January 2. The second supermoon is known as the Blue Moon and is set to appear in the sky on the night of January 31.

Both moons are full moons and it is rare to have two of them occur in the same month; however, it is the supermoon that will appear on January 31 that is truly noteworthy.

On this same night there will not only be a full moon but also a lunar eclipse that will be visible not just in most of the United States but also in Northeastern Europe, Russia, Asia and Australia. The supermoon will temporarily turn into a Blood Moon at the time the total eclipse occurs.

NASA noted late last year that the two supermoons this month are actually part of a trilogy of supermoons that began last year with a Full Cold Moon that appeared in December 2017. Surprisingly, this was the only supermoon to make an appearance in 2017. Most years there are a number of supermoons; however, they are not always immediately noticeable as in some cases they are not significantly larger in appearance than regular full moons.

Uncommon celestial occurrences have always given rise to speculation about future events and the supermoons that occur this month have been no exception. Rabbi Yosef Berger of King David’s Tomb on Mount Zion has stated the supermoons occurring this month have special significance in light of the fact that U.S. President Donald Trump recently recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The rabbi went on to state that lunar eclipses are viewed by the Jewish Talmud as being a bad omen for those who hate Israel and then explained that this is a designation that applies to everyone who does not view God as the creator of nature.

Surprisingly, the direst warnings about these supermoons come not from religious leaders but from meteorologists. Because supermoons occur when the moon is closer to earth than it normally is, the gravitational pull can increase by as much as 50%. One result is higher tides and bigger waves that can cause coastal flooding and/or increase the intensity of storms occurring during this time period.

What is more, supermoons have also been linked to increased tectonic activity that may result in earthquakes. The increased gravitational pull from a supermoon not only puts additional strain on fault lines but also pulls on molten rock beneath the earth’s surface.

Additionally, scientists are noting that 2018 starts the beginning of a five year period when movement of the molten ire core at the center of the earth slows the planet’s spin. During such five year periods powerful earthquakes tend to occur far more frequently than in other years. Experts are predicting that up to 35 earthquakes that are magnitude 7 or higher could occur in 2018.

What is more, the additional strain caused by a slow planet spin and three recent supermoons could lead to the eruption of a supervolcano that would drastically change the lives of everyone on earth. Trees and other vegetation in the area would die out, temperatures would drop around the world and the blast would disrupt ground transport, clog water supplies and cause widespread blackouts to name just some of the many aftereffects of such an eruption.

Naturally, no one can know for sure what the result of these two supermoons will be. It could be that life simply goes on, as it did in 2016 after the hyped appearance of a number of Blood Moons throughout that year. It could be that a major event will occur that will change the lives of millions of people of all ages and walks of life. However, no matter what happens, we can know that the same God who created the moon and gave it its abilities will care for us no matter what does or doesn’t happen.

~ Christian Patriot Daily