Heroic Teacher Saves Lives in Indiana School Shooting, Turns Attention to Good Deeds of Others

Indiana school teacher Jason Seaman became a national celebrity when he stepped in front of a school shooter in order to protect his students. He was shot in the stomach, forearm and hip but survived his injuries and was recently released from the hospital to recover at home with his wife and two children.

As he speaks out about the incident, he has made it clear that rather than focusing attention on himself and his heroism, he is far more interested in turning the spotlight on his young student who is still recovering from her injuries as well as all the unsung heroes who helped her and the other students in the wake of what could have been a devastating tragedy.

Addressing the public for the first time since leaving the hospital, Jason Seaman said that he was still trying to process exactly what happened and was uncomfortable with the idea of being in the spotlight. He then turned the public’s attention to Ella Whistler, the only student who was injured in the event.

She was hospitalized in critical yet stable condition. Mr. Seaman stated that her courage and strength are remarkable and asked everyone to keep in her their thoughts as she continues her recovery. He also stated that he is proud of not only Ella but also all his other students, saying that they are all wonderful people and the reason that he teaches.

Additionally, Mr. Seaman also made a point of thanking all those who helped both him and others in the aftermath of the event, including the officer who helped him immediately after he had subdued the shooter, the colleague who kept Ella Whistler calm after she had been shot and staff members at IU Methodist Hospital who provided him with needed medical treatment. Mr. Seaman also thanked Noblesville High School senior Jackson Ramsey who started a GoFundMe campaign on his behalf.

Superintendent Beth Neidermeyer added to Mr. Seaman’s comments, praising school principal Stacey Swan and other staff members at Noblesville West for their quick actions, calm demeanor, courage and resilience. She noted that they all followed proper safety protocols and showed bravery in the face of their own fears.

Principal Swan singled the school nurse and resource officer out for praise, stating that they were quick to arrive on the scene and immediately provided needed medical attention to the wounded. Naturally, both women also praised Jason Seaman for his heroic act of putting himself between his students and the shooter; even so, Mr. Seaman deflected that praise by stating that he felt his actions were the only reasonable course of action as he loves his students and would never want harm to come to them.

At the same time, friends, family members and students note that Mr. Seaman’s heroism is far from being a one-time event. His brother Jeremy told reporters that Jason was never a person to run away from trouble and that he wasn’t surprised that Jason did what he did to save his students.

One student noted that he clearly told his class during an active shooter drill that he would protect them and even throw himself on top of the shooter should the need arise.

Other students noted that Jason Seaman was not only a great coach but also an “all-around great guy” while the mother of one of Mr. Seaman’s students noted that he was not only interested in helping the boys he coached to not only learn sports skills but also develop other important skills that would help them grow up to be good members of their community.

Teaching is a profession that takes a lot of out any dedicated individual. As Mr. Seaman’s actions are remembered and honored both now and in the future, it is equally important to remember not only him but also other unsung heroes who have given years or even decades of their lives to teach and train children, providing them with the skills needed to live happy, successful, productive lives.

Thankfully, most of these dedicated individuals are never put in a situation where they have to confront a person with a gun in order to save their students’ lives; however, there are tens of thousands of teachers throughout the nation who have the same heart that Mr. Seaman clearly has for those in his care and every single one of these teachers deserves the love, respect and gratitude of those who benefit from their services.

~ Christian Patriot Daily