How to Please God

Christians everywhere concern themselves with how best to please God. Many people think about that question in terms of what it means to lead a good “Christian life.” Others think about following the path set by Jesus Christ in the Gospel. Still, there is wide disagreement about what the Bible truly means and how we should fulfill God’s wishes.

In this segment, the pastor preaches about how the question of best pleasing God highlights an internal struggle many people of faith suffer. His heart-felt sermon recognizes that everyday people are filled with doubt about how to be worthy of God’s love.

We all question whether we have done enough in terms of good works, compassion for others, or just spreading love. Many of us ask ourselves, have we done things contrary to the word of Jesus Christ? Most importantly, are we deserving of God’s forgiveness, love and grace?

These profound thoughts and feelings may have a far simpler answer than you realize. Whether you have sinned against friends, family or neighbors, sinned in your heart, strayed from a holy path or just held on to a grumpy attitude, God’s love for you remains constant.

Take a few minutes to listen to this Psalm Forty preacher and get a simple answer about how to please God and stay in His good graces. The answer you have been searching for may be right in front of you.