Kathie Lee Gifford’s Powerful Testimony about the Power of Jesus

Kathie Lee Gifford gives us a beautiful example of the boldness we should all have when proclaiming faith in Jesus Christ. Speaking with Megan Kelly on the passing of Billy Graham in February, Kathy Lee reminded everyone that she was able to rejoice when her own husband, Frank, passed away in 2015 — because she knew he had gone home to his true reward.

Kathy Lee says that everyone in her family came to know Jesus because of the ministry works of Billy Graham. She was saved while watching an early film from Graham’s ministry, when she already knew that she wanted to be an actress. Kathy Lee also says that God met her exactly where she needed to meet him.

What is the secret to her openness regarding her faith? She says that if a person had the cure for cancer, they wouldn’t keep it a secret. She has the cure for the malignancy of the soul and it is Jesus!

If you want an example of how to boldly proclaim the Gospel in front of an audience of millions, watch Kathy Lee Gifford’s testimony in the following video clip. If you don’t know Jesus, watch this video with an open heart and open mind, because Kathy Lee’s enthusiasm for her faith is truly infectious and inspiring!