Liberal NYT Journalist Says GOP Needs to “Crash and Burn” and “Die”

One of the reasons why the United States is the greatest country in the world is because citizens are allowed to think for themselves and vote for their representatives based on their personal beliefs. However, despite this, the liberal media has directly attacked conservatives based on their belief system.

Basically, according to them, you are allowed to believe what you want, as long as it is in line with their own beliefs.

Most recently, attacks from the New York Times have come out of nowhere. The NYT has certainly fallen down in terms of its coverage in recent years. It really stood as one of the last great newspapers in the world, as it has attempted to give even coverage to both sides of a story. That, however, has changed, especially during this election.

First, it has never endorsed a political figure before, which is how a newspaper should function. National newspapers should not tell people how to vote, it should simply provide an honest overview of the facts. This year though, the NYT broke with traditional grounds and told its readers to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Now, a journalist for the paper, one Thomas Friedman, came forward to say the GOP needs to “…crash and burn…and die.”

Essentially he came out and attacked the very belief of millions of Americans around the country. It just shows how corrupt the entire liberal news outlet has become and why it is so important to cut down on their overall power before it grows even further.

Watch the liberal journalist deliver his hate filled speech on live TV below.