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Hillary Begins Distancing Herself from Huma Abedin

It’s a tough time to be a member of Camp Hillary. Even if you can shrug off the overwhelming allegations of mysterious deaths linked to her long, colorful career, the professional assassination is hard to ignore. Over the years, she has made a strong habit of associating with long-time colleagues who fall into unfavorable light, … Continue reading “Hillary Begins Distancing Herself from Huma Abedin”

Who is Huma Abedin?

Floating around the news lately is the name Huma Adebin. Now who is this individual exactly, and what has she done? Well, we know the who, just hopefully we find out the what in time from the November 8 elections. Huma Abedin is a longtime aide of Hillary Clinton. In fact, members of the Clinton … Continue reading “Who is Huma Abedin?”

CNN=Clinton News Network

Media bias has been a hot topic this entire election. You’ll hear reports from both sides claiming a number of things, but the bias from CNN is actually the most documented and indisputable. It’s so bad that there is actually an entire Wikipedia page devoted to that very topic. It’s so bad, that Harvard felt … Continue reading “CNN=Clinton News Network”

The Hypocrisy of Democrats in Defending Hillary Clinton

In case you have been avoiding all political discussion for the last week, the FBI has reopened its investigation of Hillary Clinton and her emails in light of finding massive amounts of new evidence. In response, the same liberal media that have lauded Comey and the FBI for their integrity and excellent work are now … Continue reading “The Hypocrisy of Democrats in Defending Hillary Clinton”

Liberal Michael Moore Supports Donald Trump for President

Michael Moore?! The same Michael Moore who made Fahrenheit 9/11, Bowling for Columbine and so many other liberal propaganda pieces? The very Michael Moore who has been heralded by extremists as a leading voice for western socialism? You’re telling me that this video is of the famous Michael Moore who made his name by founding … Continue reading “Liberal Michael Moore Supports Donald Trump for President”

Why I Don’t Care if Russia Hacked Hillary’s or the DNC’s Email Account

There are some excellent points in this video that point out just how unsure America really is about who hacked the emails. The overarching point is that it doesn’t matter. It may feel like every loud voice in the world is trying to sway this election. It feels that way because it is true. There … Continue reading “Why I Don’t Care if Russia Hacked Hillary’s or the DNC’s Email Account”

What the Decision to Re-Open the FBI Case against Hillary Really Means

The FBI “investigated” Hillary earlier this year. When they refused to press charges against her, it made it clear to the whole world that her corruption had cast shade even on the FBI. No logical person has believed for a moment that the situation was ethically resolved, and there was undoubtedly pressure from the top … Continue reading “What the Decision to Re-Open the FBI Case against Hillary Really Means”

Charles Barkley’s New Show Set to Tackle Race Relations in America

For anyone who has ever followed the NBA or even seen the college basketball “March Madness” tournament in recent years, they know Charles Barkley is a very outspoken individual. He says what he believes and how he feels. He doesn’t sugarcoat it. This, for many, can be a bit jarring with how stark he is, … Continue reading “Charles Barkley’s New Show Set to Tackle Race Relations in America”

Obamacare Becoming Key Election Issue

Anyone who tells you that Obamacare is in fact a success is either completely blind to current facts or they are an ignorant Democrat that is completely disconnected with what is going on throughout the country. The number of people Obamacare helps is just a small percentage next to the number of people it affects … Continue reading “Obamacare Becoming Key Election Issue”

The Bias of Liberal Media Polling

When you turn on the television, most news organizations and liberal-run media will have you believe Hillary has all but won the White House. But can you really believe any of the information they put in front of you? After all, every single news organization out there has proven it wants Hillary to win, it … Continue reading “The Bias of Liberal Media Polling”