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Hillary Clinton Falls Flat with Millennials

Hillary Clinton likes to say she is a voice for the people, yet most of her followers have absolutely no connection with her. In fact, in the clip below, MSNBC, a left-leaning news organization, went out to interview actual Hillary supporters, and the crowd emphatically stated that they did not have a connection with her. … Continue reading “Hillary Clinton Falls Flat with Millennials”

President Obama Defends Radical Islam

Now this is a video that paints a picture. Liberals will often cite that the majority of Muslims are peaceful, and that radical Islam is akin to the KKK in America. A few numbers put that to bed very quickly. In the U.S., 84 percent of the population identifies as Christian, accounting for 268 million … Continue reading “President Obama Defends Radical Islam”

President Obama Betrays Our Men and Women in Uniform

There is no other way to construe this speech than as a direct betrayal of the men and women serving under Obama’s presidency. His points are ludicrous on several levels. First of all, no sane person is suggesting that Kaepernick is breaking the law. The opposition to his kneeling is instead pointing out how his … Continue reading “President Obama Betrays Our Men and Women in Uniform”

Hillary Supporters Desperation Boils Over into Violence

How many times have you heard the word “bigot” recently? It’s the left’s favorite word lately, and they don’t seem to know what it means. As a quick reminder, a bigot is a person who is intolerant of opposing beliefs. If this video doesn’t clearly show bigotry on a dangerous scale, then nothing does. A … Continue reading “Hillary Supporters Desperation Boils Over into Violence”

Stiff Hillary Goes Viral

“South Park”, the adult cartoon show that frequently makes fun of current news and issues, nails an important point in the clip below. Despite how trendy it is to attack Trump and his character, they pointed out Clinton’s inability to adapt to situations and proffer meaningful responses and ideas. The term “over prepared” has been … Continue reading “Stiff Hillary Goes Viral”

How Donald Trump Can Knock Out Hillary Clinton

Trump can take Clinton out. Here’s how: by focusing on the issues Donald Trump Jr. brings up in this video clip and continuing to hammer away at them. Trump can remind voters that it’s issues such as these that matter — precisely the issues Hillary Clinton shied away from at the debate — or worse, … Continue reading “How Donald Trump Can Knock Out Hillary Clinton”

LeBron James and the National Anthem Debate

LeBron James respects the national anthem. Recently, James was questioned at a media event about the attention San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been getting for his protesting. Unlike Kaepernick and other athletes, James is standing up for the values he believes in — patriotism, honor and American pride. James has been a pro … Continue reading “LeBron James and the National Anthem Debate”

Hillary Abandons Ohio

It’s pretty surprising every time CNN admits any weakness in the Clinton campaign or any positives in Trump’s, but here they are clearly acknowledging the foregone conclusion: Trump has Ohio in the bag, and there is no evidence that the state is an outlier. While different experts are in disagreement about the fate of swing … Continue reading “Hillary Abandons Ohio”

Trump Supporters Will Not Be Denied

Patriotic Viral News found video evidence of Trump’s campaign and ideas inspiring people to come together and fight for what is right. A city ordinance that limits campaign signage is a flagrant violation of the 1st Amendment. But that’s exactly what one city in Massachusetts is trying to do to local homeowner Rick Early. The … Continue reading “Trump Supporters Will Not Be Denied”

Dilbert Cartoon Creator Explains why Americans Love Trump

Scott Adams is right. The Dilbert creator isn’t shy about telling the public why he thinks Donald Trump will win the presidency come Election Day. Adams is one hundred percent correct in saying that Trump, not being a career politician, was able to convince people that he can bring real change to Washington — not … Continue reading “Dilbert Cartoon Creator Explains why Americans Love Trump”