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CIA Director Issues Dire New Warning to America on Terrorism

Many would call a Hillary Clinton presidency an Obama 2.0. She has made it clear that she won’t deviate from his major points, which means his failures will be perpetuated by her election. While he has many, his greatest failure just might by how he has handled ISIS. The terrorist organization has accrued most of … Continue reading “CIA Director Issues Dire New Warning to America on Terrorism”

Hillary’s Hacked Email Reveals her Terrifying Dreams for America

So, Hillary wants open borders across the Americas. Does that really sound so bad? Isn’t increased cooperation a good thing? Ideally, that would be true, but Hillary’s motives are anything but a reflection on cooperation and goodwill. Most obviously, opening borders would bring in millions of voters to the U.S. who don’t have sufficient education … Continue reading “Hillary’s Hacked Email Reveals her Terrifying Dreams for America”

Could Deutsche Bank Failing Spark a Massive Financial Disaster?

Fresh worries about Europe’s banking sector have caused investors to feel extreme anxiety about the global economy. In what could be a repeat of the disastrous failure of American investment bank Lehman Brothers in 2008, there are worries that Deutsche Bank, Germany’s largest bank, could also possibly fail if its customers and businesses panic and … Continue reading “Could Deutsche Bank Failing Spark a Massive Financial Disaster?”

This Dangerous Gang Proves That Illegal Immigration Is a Big Problem in America

As Donald Trump and others have repeatedly reminded the American public, not all immigrants are upstanding people. In fact, a substantial number of them are criminals committing terrible offenses against American citizens, including robbery, rape and even murder. As this clip shows, a bucolic community on Long Island in New York isn’t safe from the … Continue reading “This Dangerous Gang Proves That Illegal Immigration Is a Big Problem in America”

Could War with Russia Be Possible?

As unbelievable as it sounds, the U.S. is closer now to attacking Russia than it’s been in more than 40 years. Russia’s support of the Bashar Assad regime in Syria has resulted in airstrikes on hospitals and food aid convoys — strikes that the Obama administration has blamed on Russia, despite evidence being conflicting (there … Continue reading “Could War with Russia Be Possible?”

Bill Clinton’s Rape Victim Describes Her Encounter with Hillary

Bill Clinton rape survivor Juanita Broaddrick gave a new interview to Breitbart News in which she graphically describes the actions of the former president when the two were alone in a hotel suite in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1978. Broaddrick had initially confided her story to a friend in 1992, but that friend made a … Continue reading “Bill Clinton’s Rape Victim Describes Her Encounter with Hillary”

Obama’s Bias Against Christians Revealed

The video makes it clear that Muslim refugees are given priority over those of other religions, but it doesn’t paint the whole picture, which is much worse. The Syrian population is primarily Muslim, but there are significant portions of the population that subscribe to Christianity and other religions. In fact, 10 percent of Syrians identify … Continue reading “Obama’s Bias Against Christians Revealed”

Ron Paul Brilliantly Schools Elizabeth Warren on Economics

This Ron Paul interview (see clip below) needs to be shown to students across the country. He makes a few key points that have been forgotten by the left. First, he makes it clear that the government does not produce anything, destroying the argument that people cannot have success without government programs. Rather than making … Continue reading “Ron Paul Brilliantly Schools Elizabeth Warren on Economics”

Bill Clinton Rips Obamacare on Campaign Trail

This video clip below is worth your time. You’ll get to hear Bill Clinton directly criticize Obamacare. His main concern is that the 25 million additionally covered Americans came at the cost of higher premiums. His claims of “double” are actually on the low side. Since Obama came into office, the average annual health insurance … Continue reading “Bill Clinton Rips Obamacare on Campaign Trail”

The 3 Minute Video that Will Cost Hillary Clinton the Election

Hillary supporters love to talk about resumes and how “qualified” their choice of candidate is, so let’s talk about resumes. After the recession hit, a lot of Americans were suddenly looking for jobs, and as a result, hiring managers had to sift through more resumes than ever before. They learned some important things in the … Continue reading “The 3 Minute Video that Will Cost Hillary Clinton the Election”

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