Pence Furious USAID Refusing to Help Christian Exiles & Refugees

Vice President Mike Pence was reportedly furious when he learned last week that the Muslim-dominated United Nations and USAID are dragging their feet in disbursing US relief to help displaced Christians, Yazidis and other peoples devastated by ISIS in Iraq.

The vice president gave his word to Christians in Iraq that help was on the way, during a meeting last October. Here we are all these months later and the agencies responsible are still outright refusing to help.

Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) and former Reagan National Security Advisor Robert McFarlane wrote an op-ed last week complaining of massive delays preventing USAID from getting relief funds to the affected minority Christian communities in Iraq. Despite President Trump signing an executive order directing USAID to expand and expedite relief to Christians, career bureaucrats and UN globalists are openly thwarting those efforts.

The danger? If Iraq’s minority Christian and Yazidi communities entirely vanish – which is on the verge of happening – it opens a vacant land bridge between Iran and Syria, which would allow the Mad Mullahs to march right up to Israel’s doorstep. Iraq’s Christian population stood at 1.4 million in 2002; following years of pogroms and displacement caused by ISIS, they now number less than 250,000.

It’s important to note that USAID – the United States Agency for International Development – originated at the United Nations. The original name for the program was the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration, formed by the Allied nations in the days after World War 2.

A later Act of Congress transferred the program from the UN to the US government, but it was still the same old globalist, one-world-government organization. USAID is an active participant in the UN’s Agenda 21 population control plans.

The United Nations, in addition to being openly hostile to Christianity, has been virtually taken over by the Islamic Republics. The Organization for Islamic Cooperation is an umbrella organization that represents 56 Muslim countries, plus the Palestinian terrorists, and it makes up the largest single voting bloc at the UN.

All assistance for Christians in Iraq must go through the United Nations and/or USAID. Hence, the delays.

When Christian groups in 2014 offered millions of dollars to help resettle Iraqi Christian refugees – at no expense to the American taxpayers – the Obama administration told them there was “no way” the Christians could be helped, due to their ideology. (So much for the liberal talking point that we must not have a religious litmus test when it comes to helping refugees.)

More recently – as in, this year – USAID rejected proposals pledging $5 million in relief from the Nineveh Reconstruction Committee and the Catholic University in Erbil. No reason was given for rejecting the funds. When the groups asked for a reason, they were sent a form letter informing them that the official who had rejected the proposals was on vacation for a month.

Meanwhile, Iraqi Christians who have had their homes and churches blown up are living in the desert with little food or water. Enjoy that vacation, globalist scum.

Vice President Pence has now dispatched USAID Director Mark Green – a Trump appointee – to travel to Iraq and assess the situation on the ground. Green is directed to see exactly what the bureaucratic holdups are, where and why funds are being denied, what help really needs to be sent and how to get it there as quickly as possible.

Green, a former Republican congressman, replaced Barack Obama’s USAID Director Gayle Smith last year. Smith’s nomination to run USAID was nearly derailed when it was learned that she had a history of supporting Africa’s most despotic, anti-Christian regimes. She fit right in at the Obama administration, and we have no doubt many of her holdovers are still hard at work at USAID undermining the Trump administration.

It’s difficult to imagine the misery that Iraq’s Christians have been going through. Candidate Donald Trump promised to help them in 2015 and selected a solid conservative Christian as his running mate. Vice President Pence promised them that help was on the way eight months ago. Career bureaucrats have let them suffer all this time, in open defiance of a presidential executive order.

Hopefully when Director Green gets back from his tour of the Christian regions of Iraq, he’ll have recommendations on how to speed the process up. The thing that would do even more good, however, is if Mr. Green starts handing out pink slips to the career bureaucrats who are willing to let Christian children to starve to death, just so they can virtue signal that they don’t like President Trump.

~ Christian Patriot Daily