Satanic Temple Sues Arkansas Over Ten Commandments Monument

Secular and satanic forces are leveling a legal assault on a newly erected monument of the Ten Commandments in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The ground had barely settled after a crane set the beautifully engraved stone masterpiece when the joint efforts of the American Civil Liberties Union and the Satanic Temple declared they would get into bed together and target the monument. The work replaces one that had been destroyed in 2017.

Led by Lucien Greaves, the Satanic Temple claims to have upwards of 100,000 members worldwide and has been a souring force determined to obstruct Christians from spreading the Word of God. Greaves and his henchmen were able to deny the good people of Oklahoma an opportunity to display the Ten Commandments back in 2012.

After pursuing the ability to erect a massive satanic statue of the goat-headed Baphomet, the Oklahoma Supreme Court order the Ten Commandments removed based on a clause that prohibits religious icons on public property.

In both cases, the Satanic Temple moved against the replacement of a formerly damaged Ten Commandments monument after the same man crashed into each with an automobile.

Ten Commandments Monuments Rammed

Like the Oklahoma incident where Greaves and his cohorts filed suit against a new monument, the Little Rock one was also allegedly toppled by Michael Tate Reed. Authorities consider this man a serial destroyer of religious monuments and he was charged with defacing public objects.

Since ramming the three-ton slab of granite in Little Rock, Reed has not been directly connected to the Satanic Temple. He claims to be a man of faith who also strongly believes in a separation of church and state.

“I’m a firm believer that for our salvation we not only have faith in Jesus Christ, but we also obey the commands of God and that we confess Jesus as Lord,” he reportedly said. “But one thing I do not support is the violation of our constitutional right to have the freedom that’s guaranteed to us, that guarantees us the separation of church and state, because no one religion should the government represent.”

He has also reportedly crashed a vehicle into a highway median, spit on portraits in federal facilities, threatened ex-Pres. Obama and publicly burned money. His mental stability has been called into question.

Regardless of his motives or fitness, the commandment topplings have presented opportunities for the joint Satanic Temple and ACLU forces to attack the religious touchstones.

Christians Face an Uphill Battle in Arkansas

In 2015, Republican state Sen. Jason Rapert and others approved a bill that allowed the privately-funded Ten Commandments to be housed on Capitol grounds. The state’s ACLU chapter and others claimed it was in violation of U.S. Constitution. Greaves and associates saw this as an opportunity to move the goat-head originally slated for Oklahoma to Little Rock.

Recognizing that Arkansas, like Oklahoma, was more likely to have the Ten Commandments removed than showcase satanic icons, Greaves attempted to broker a deal. Should the state allow the goat-head, he would drop the lawsuit against the Ten Commandments.

Greaves went as far as to have his permitting approved under the Arkansas guidelines set out by the Capitol Arts and Grounds Commission. However, the statue requires legislative approval following public comment and the time passed without lawmakers taking up the measure.

In a stinging press release, Greaves attacks Republican state Sen. Rapert for ignoring his organization and satanic intent.

“Rapert is obviously a mindless tool for theocratic interests originating outside of Arkansas, as his bill utilized the exact language used in failed efforts to maintain a Ten Commandments monument at the capitol in Oklahoma — legal language that the simple senator was unable to comprehend,” the press release states.

“Rapert’s misconstrual of law goes beyond mere incompetence, his manipulation of truth beyond mere misinformation, his abuse of his office beyond mere misconduct. I would posit that his bald efforts to undermine, ignore, and utterly diminish the constitution he swore to uphold, abusing his office to illegally impose his religious viewpoint, is tantamount to treason.”

Apparently, Arkansas legislators do not make deals with the devil and this case will head to the courts.

What Satan Worshippers Are Really After

On the surface, the goals of the Satanic Temple appear to be in lock step with the ACLU. But having the Oklahoma monument removed may not have been the devil worshippers end game.

As the group’s founder and mouthpiece, Greaves went to great pains to navigate the Oklahoma bureaucracy in an effort to get the unsightly goat statue placed on government grounds.

In Florida, the Satanic Temple hailed religious diversity legislation that would allow students to pray in school. Greaves was under the impression youths were interested in praying to Satan. The organization has been active in fundraising to promote themselves in New York’s “adopt-a-highway” program and has consistently organized counter-protests against pro-life groups outside Planned Parenthood abortion clinics.

The reality Christians may want to keep in mind is that the Satanic Temple is far more bent on persuading troubled people to reject God. Greaves and his cohorts are nothing more than Satan’s insurgents.

~ Christian Patriot Daily