The 2 Types of Christians: Liberal vs Conservative Christians

Labeling and identifying people as stereotypical groups seems to make the world appear a little less complicated. We do it all the time. We see people as Northerners or Southerners, Democrats or Republicans, lefties or righties, tall or short, the lists just go on and on.

In this Blimey Cow video posted on YouTube, comic actor Say Goodnight Kevin puts that theory to the test by providing a quirky insider look at the differences between Liberal and Conservative Christians. After all, there can be only two types, right?

The laundry list of things Liberal and Conservative Christians cannot possibly agree upon is humorously underscored by over the top characters. The Blimey Cow segment does balance all the disagreements. After all, both can always agree to disagree with the others side in an unspoken Holy war. Well, unspoken as long as they don’t end up in the same Facebook feed!

Say Goodnight Kevin takes a wonderfully balanced approach to lampooning both the left and right side of the church with silly stereotypes that do seem to have their origins in real life. Yes, you might think about Liberals congregating in Starbucks while Conservatives might frequent Cracker Barrel after Sunday services. There’s some truth in every stereotype.

Fortunately, for all the laugh out loud moments this Blimey Cow episode serves up, it brings it all back to all the things Christians have in common. Take a few minutes and check out this Blimey Cow segment on YouTube. Common ground between Liberal and Conservative Christians might not be what you expect!