The Johnson Amendment Must be Repealed

Democrats in the US Senate were able to defeat a provision in the December 2017 tax cut package that would have repealed the 1954 Johnson Amendment. The enemies of Christianity are hailing this as a big victory, and indeed, it is a victory for them. American pastors, whose duty is to stand in the place of Christ in the pulpit and preach the Word to God to His people, are still silenced by this outrageous, unnecessary and unconstitutional amendment. President Trump promised to defeat the Johnson Amendment on the campaign trail, but so far, his efforts have fallen short.

The 1954 Johnson Amendment is named after then-Senator Lyndon Baines Johnson, who would later become the 36th president. The amendment prohibits all 501(c)3 nonprofits from engaging in any form of political speech, including making endorsements, opposing candidates or spending funds on political campaigns. Charitable nonprofits that engage in these activities face having their tax-exempt status revoked by the IRS.

The media claims that if the Johnson Amendment is revoked, churches will be spending your tithes to run political advertisements from the pulpit. This is, of course, an absurd lie. The left wants to keep the Johnson Amendment in place because it is an anti-First Amendment muzzle placed on the pastor of every church that has incorporated as a 501(c)3.

To understand the nature of the Johnson Amendment, look no further than its author. Lyndon Johnson was known for carrying on an adulterous affair with his Hispanic secretary in the White House, a woman he referred to as his “chili queen.” When a group of reporters once asked President Johnson why the US was in Vietnam, he became flustered. Unable to come up with an answer, he finally unzipped his pants, exposed his genitals to the group and yelled, “This is why!” Upon passage of his massive expansion to the welfare system, Johnson proclaimed that he would have black Americans voting for Democrats for 200 years. This is the man who decided it was immoral for churches to speak about politics.

Johnson exhibited this bizarre, pagan and illegal behavior throughout his political career. In the early 1950s, several pastors in Johnson’s home state of Texas spoke out against the Senator due to his massive character defects and sinful behavior. This nearly cost him an election, so Johnson’s solution was the Johnson Amendment. If pastors would not speak nicely about him from the pulpit, he would not allow them to speak about politics at all. Sadly, the House and Senate agreed with him.

It is inexcusable for churches not to speak out against the Johnson Amendment. If the Bible truly has answers to all of life’s questions, as any believing Christian will tell you, then it certainly has answers that pertain to politics. This is what supporters of the Johnson Amendment realize and it is why the entire Democratic Party chose to accede to tax cuts last year, so long as they could keep the churches muzzled. This is, after all, the party which voted to keep the name of God out of its party platform during its 2012 convention.

The media will not report the truth about candidates of either party to the American people. The main source of truth that we should expect to have in our lives is the pulpit, but the pulpits are silenced due to the Johnson Amendment. Barack Obama killed hundreds of children via drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia — three countries which the United States is not at war with. Early during his first term in office, Obama exterminated an entire village of more than 70 civilians in Yemen in a suspected cruise missile strike (the American media never reported on the atrocity). When the CIA examined the remains, it found that there were no Al Qaeda members in the village. More than 70 innocents died due to faulty intelligence and Obama’s bloodlust. Shouldn’t your pastor have been allowed to share these facts with you from the pulpit in 2012?

The Johnson Amendment is hypocritical at its best. Why are teacher’s unions and all other labor unions allowed to endorse or oppose political candidates, while churches are prohibited? The answer is that the unions benefit the Democrats, while churches, being dedicated to the Way, the Truth and the Life, do not. Let us pray that President Trump does not give up on his promise to destroy the Johnson Amendment, and that he can get the GOP Congress to support him in this as well.

~ Christian Patriot Daily