Top Objections to Christianity

Secular people and atheists have a wide variety of reasons and excuses for not following the Christian faith. It comes as no surprise that many of these so-called explanations have little or nothing to do with God’s very existence. But the objections to Christianity given in a recent poll will make your head spin.

On this Louder with Crowder, Pastor Mark Driscoll engages in a lively discussion about the top objections secular people have to Christianity, according to the poll.

According to Driscoll, a research study was conducted and upwards of 900,000 thousand people were actively called. The demographics ran the gamut between young and old, ethnic and racial backgrounds, as well as rich and poor. Callers spoke with former Christians, those that had never been to church and even atheists.

The data was boiled down to a diverse group of 1,000 from 18 to 44 years old. The one common theme among those that objected to Christianity was “intolerance.” But the main objection appears to run incredibly deep with non-Christians and seems to be the core ideological problem with many other things. These include sexuality, politics, gender, marriage and a wealth of others, according to the study.

While intolerance is certainly a serious problem and one Jesus Christ warned against in the Gospel, what it means in today’s social media age may be entirely different than you think.

Take a few moments to check out this Louder with Crowder episode posted on YouTube and find out what “intolerance” really means to those who object to Christianity. It may startle you.