Weird Facts about the Bible

Think you know the Bible inside and out? A new video might make you question your knowledge, it delves into some of the quirkier trivia facts about the Bible

With a gleam in his eye and a smile on his face, host Justin covers “12 Really Weird Facts About the Bible.” Not many people know this, but there is a thing called the “Wicked Bible.” Apparently, in 1631 a pair of Bible printers left out the word “Not” in Thou Shalt “Not” Commit Adultery. The error cost them $300 and they lost their printing license. Because the copies were widely burned, only 9 remaining “Wicked Bibles” are known to exist. That makes them worth nearly $100,000.

The video goes on to joke about some of horrible fates that awaited Christian Bible translators. In Christianity, sometimes no good deed goes unpunished and you won’t believe what happened to the very first person to translate the Holy Scriptures into English.

Although host Justin uses a tongue in cheek approach to engage the audience, the video series takes Bible study quite seriously. He ranks some important information among his “12 Weird Facts” that reveal the use of language and changes made when translating the text into English.

Check out the video below for more informative and fun facts about the Holy Bible.